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Going through the divorce process is an extraordinarily stressful experience. Not only does divorce mark the end of one of the most significant relationships in a person’s life, but there may also be lasting repercussions that can change a person’s life and that of their family. To help Greensboro residents get through their divorce or other family law disputes, you can count on our Divorce Lawyer Greensboro NC at the Law Office of Stephen E. Robertson, PLLC for quality legal advice and advocacy.

Backed by more than 20 years of collective legal experience in family law matters, ranging from divorce to domestic violence, attorney Stephen E. Robertson and our attorneys and legal staff are dedicated to delivering compassionate legal counsel to help you achieve a fair and equitable settlement to your case. Furthermore, we are prepared to tenaciously advocate for your best interests in case a cooperative settlement is not feasible under the circumstances.

Please contact the Law Office of Stephen E. Robertson, PLLC at to arrange for an initial consultation with one of our experienced divorce lawyers Greensboro NC to explore your case’s merits and issues.

Effective Counsel Backed by Years of Legal Experience

We are here to help you navigate the legal challenges associated with the following issues:

  • AlimonyWhen married spouses get divorced, they must address the issue of ensuring that they have the financial means to cover their living expenses after separating. We can help you face the complex issues associated with alimony—also known as spousal support—in your divorce.
  • Child CustodyWhen the parents of a minor child get divorced, they must resolve questions concerning who gets to spend time with the child and who has the authority to make crucial decisions on their behalf. Our legal team has experience finding equitable legal solutions for matters of child custody.
  • Child SupportParents are legally obligated to provide their children with financial support to secure their basic needs, like food, shelter, clothing, and schooling. At the Law Office of Stephen E. Robertson, PLLC, you and your children can benefit from our experience regarding child support.

  • Collaborative LawTo help preserve meaningful relationships, the parties in a divorce or other family law case can benefit from the compassion and wisdom of our experienced collaborative lawyers in finding an equitable solution to their dispute.
  • DivorceWhen a marriage unravels in a divorce case, there are significant legal issues that the divorcing couple must confront. To help protect your legal rights, you can depend on our team of divorce attorneys.
  • Domestic ViolenceMany divorce cases may involve issues of domestic violence. No one should have to endure the harms of an abusive relationship. For effective legal solutions aimed at freeing you or a loved one from an abusive spouse or partner, you can count on our legal team for advice and representation.
  • Equitable DistributionIn divorce cases, one of the most hotly contested legal issues involves the distribution of marital property between the parties. To secure your property rights in a divorce case, it is in your best interest to retain the services of one of our family law attorneys.

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