Yes, Our Divorce Lawyers in Greensboro, NC can handle your divorce case in Guilford County.

Our Divorce Lawyers in Greensboro NC are able to handle divorce cases in both Guilford and Forsyth counties.

You have two options; the first option is that you can hire only one Family Law Attorney Greensboro, NC to represent you in both cases. The second option is to hire two separate lawyers: one of the Divorce Lawyers in Greensboro NC, and a Family law Attorney Greensboro, NC to take care your child custody case.

Yes, we provide a free 15-minute initial consultation.

Arrears typically must be paid in full apart from going through the court or some form of consent order and the payee forgives the party that owes the money, but exceptions apply to even this. To avoid being put on an arrear it is crucial to get a family law attorney to help you if there has been an increase in your child support payments or the payment would be a financial difficulty for you. Depending on the amount of money owed, or how long the payments have been overdue, it CAN be tried as a felony. Each case is different and hence so is the solution, please contact our office at 336-370-6760 to book a free 15-minute consultation.

It is crucial to have documents notarized to make sure they were executed properly and there is no fraud such as signature forgery, etc., having documents notarized is like swearing under oath in court and is required for many legal documents such as affidavits among other legal documents. Our firm does have a notary in the office that can assist with notary services for our clients.

As it is a court order, this could result in consequences enforced by the judge such as fines, some form of loss of custody and/or visitation, and criminal charges. Please contact our firm at +1 336-370-6760 to speak in more detail about your case and to see what can be done during a free 15-minute consultation.

Court cases are filed wherever the child has resided for the previous 6 months as the permanent residence. Our firm can help with both helping you as a plaintiff or helping you respond back as a defendant, please contact our firm at +1 336-370-6760 for a free 15-minute consultation.

Declaring bankruptcy does not ruin one’s credit forever! It can be built back up after an allocated time. The process varies person by person and the chapter of bankruptcy it is, but the quicker one gets in all of their documents, the quicker our attorneys can get their case done. Please contact our firm to book a free 15-min consultation with one of our family law attorneys for further details on your case.

Child custody arrangements can be modified within the divorce complaint meaning one attorney would do both the divorce and the custody arrangement. Please contact our firm to book a free 15-min consultation with one of our family law attorneys for further details on your case.

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Through these 4 methods you can book our family law lawyers, divorce lawyers, child custody lawyers, or bankruptcy lawyers.

Thank you for asking this question! Full custody of a child is seldom granted to one parent or the other as long as both parents are involved at all in the care and support of the child. There are those occasions when one parent suffers from addiction, severe mental health, or other issues where the parent is not a competent parent. There are also situations where a parent is neglectful of the child by failing to visit with the child for an extended period of time and failing to provide financial support. Each child custody case is different and we would be pleased to discuss your situation with you in detail.

My landlord wants me to move out in one month. I need more time. They will bring me to court. I need help, I don’t have money to pay more for renting a house.

We recommend you contact Legal Aid of North Carolina at link
Or call them at: 866-219-5262.

The costs for your specific legal matter depend on the details of the case as the cost varies case by case. During the consultation, the attorney will listen and review the details of your case and give you a quote for your specific matter. Hence, the recommendation to book a free 15-minute consultation for further details.