Child Custody & Divorce

Child Custody & Divorce

When faced with the dissolution of a relationship, separation, or child custody & divorce, it can be a more difficult process to go through when a child or multiple children are involved. Or perhaps, you and your partner are in the process of family planning, fostering, or adopting a child as a couple or in establishing a blended family. In any situation, not only do you have to take consideration of yourself, but you also as a parent, have the challenge of what to do in the best interest of your child and what is right and fair for you and the co-parent or legal guardian.

Questions can arise about paternity and parental rights, custody of child, legal and physical custody, child support, family law and divorce lawyers, family planning attorneys, family court, and where are there family law offices near me. Do I need different lawyers such as a child custody lawyer, spousal support attorney, mediation lawyer, child support lawyer, adoption lawyer or counsel for a foster child, or do I just need a family law specialist or experienced family law attorney? It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what to do and where to turn.

In most cases, you just need one family law office in your state of residence that will represent you in all aspects of your child custody matter, concerns, and needs. Especially, since the legal side of Child Custody can range from state to state, but in the state of North Carolina, the North Carolina Judicial Branch defines it as “the right to make major life decisions about a child and the right to have the child in your care”.

What can be involved in child custody:

  1. Visitation- when parenting time is limited
  2. Legal Custody- right to make impacting choices for a child
  3. Physical Custody- where the child is being cared for physically
  4. Sole Custody- right to make impacting choices for a child without consent of the other parent
  5. Joint Custody- both parents share time with child

What is included when filing for custody:

  1. File a Complaint for Custody
  2. Open a Custody Case in North Carolina by county of residence
  3. Ensure complaint and summons served to other parent
  4. Attend Custody Mediation (if no agreement made, go before a judge)
  5. Custody Hearing before judge (if no agreement made during mediation)

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