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No-Court Alternative to Legal Separation & Divorce

If you and your spouse are looking to redefine your relationship legally, there is an alternative to traditional litigation. Resolve your conflicts outside of the courtroom with the help of our Greensboro collaborative lawyers. With over 20 years of experience, our legal team has the knowledge and resources to help you resolve your divorce or separation disputes peacefully and efficiently.

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The Collaborative Law Process

Collaborative law continues to increase in popularity among divorcing spouses in North Carolina. As opposed to duking it out in a courtroom, the collaborative law approach enables couples to work together to resolve all divorce-related issues. This includes matters such as alimonychild custodychild support, and division of assets and liabilities.

An experienced collaborative attorney represents each party in a series of face-to-face meetings. Often, other professionals, such as child custody professionals, mental health experts, and financial professionals, are also involved in the process. During the meetings, the spouses and their lawyers work together to explore the needs, interests, and priorities of each spouse and seek to resolve disputes and make decisions in a peaceful manner.

What Are the Benefits of Collaborative Divorce?

There are several advantages of using collaborative law procedures as opposed to traditional litigation. Overall, the process offers clients the opportunity to remain in complete control of all aspects of their case. Rather than being told by the court when to meet, the process operates on the spouses’ timetable. Also, the decisions are left to the parties, as opposed to being subject to the discretion of a judge.

There are several additional benefits of collaborative law:

  • It promotes respect between the parties
  • It provides a peaceful environment and relieves emotions
  • It allows couples to resolve their divorce issues as quickly as possible
  • It lowers the financial costs incurred by the divorcing spouses
  • It enables couples to keep their matters confidential
  • It dramatically reduces the emotional trauma that children experience

What if Collaborative Divorce Doesn’t Work?

Just because a couple chooses to go through the collaborative law process does not guarantee they will be able to reach an agreement. Either spouse can decide to terminate the collaborative divorce at any time.

Some spouses enter into a Collaborative Law Participation Agreement halfheartedly, perhaps just to get the other spouse to stop bugging them about it. Whatever the reason, if the collaborative law process breaks down, spouses will need to resort to litigation. Due to collaborative law rules, the attorneys who handle the collaborative process cannot continue representing the clients during court proceedings. The parties will need to hire different lawyers for litigation.

Find Out if Collaborative Law Is Right for You

The Law Office of Stephen E. Robertson, PLLC is here to partner with you as your advocate and advisor in your divorce. During the collaborative law process, we can help you make wise decisions and represent your best interests. We would love the opportunity to help you reach an agreement that is the most viable option for you and your family.

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