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The practice of family certainly involves significant legal issues that can affect families. However, at the Law Office of Stephen E. Robertson, PLLC, we understand that the legalities of a family law case are only part of the picture. In the end, we know that the reason why family law cases can be so intense is that they invariably involve vital human relationships that are integral to who we are. With that in mind, our firm is committed to giving our clients a comprehensive set of legal and personal tools to advance their best interests when it comes to these crucial relationships. This includes resources that can potentially benefit you and your family moving forward beyond their underlying legal disputes.

Here are some essential resources that can help you get through your family law case:

  • Guilford County Family Justice CenterThe Family Justice Center (FJC) of Guilford County is a government program committed to protecting individuals victimized by domestic violence with the goal of empowering them to move past relationships involving family violence.
  • Faith Action International HouseAs a civil rights, social action, and advocacy organization dedicated to supporting the needs of individuals and families who have recently immigrated to the United States, the Faith Action International House is a critical resource for families in Greensboro, NC.
  • Triad Collaborative Family LawWith the goal of mitigating the financial and emotional costs of going through a divorce or separation, the Triad Collaborative Family Law is an essential resource for individuals who may benefit from the collaborative law process in their divorce or other family law matter.
  • Parenting Under Two RoofsConducted by the Children’s Home Society of North Carolina—an organization dedicated to helping children of unmarried or otherwise separated parents—this is a program that focuses on fostering cooperation between the parties and guarding their children against the conflict.
  • Mustard Seed Community HealthFinancial hardship is a significant concern for families of divorce, especially when medical care is involved. The Mustard Seed Community Health organization was established to help secure financial resources for those going through a divorce or other difficult family law case.
  • Greensboro Area of Narcotics AnonymousSubstance abuse can be a major contributor to the demise of interpersonal relationships. Those who suffer from substance abuse may benefit significantly from the services of the Greensboro Area of Narcotic Anonymous—a support group that focuses on promoting the recovery from substance abuse.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous in GreensboroAlcoholism, like other forms of substance abuse, can wreak havoc on a family. Persons dealing with issues of alcoholism may want to consider attending an anonymous alcoholics meeting to start down the path of recovery.
  • Al-Anon Family GroupsAnother resource for Greensboro residents struggling with alcoholism and the families effected but the disease.

Successful child custody outcomes depend on the parents’ ability to see the world through their children’s eyes. An excellent video below provides insight into the way children see things. Call our office for a free link to view the entire 25-minute video.

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