traffic ticket

Traffic ticket – I received a traffic ticket. What should I do?

traffic ticket

When you receive a traffic ticket, there are several things you need to know. First and most important is to remember your Court date. The police officer always writes the Court date on the ticket. Depending on the type of offense, a Court appearance may or may not be required. Make sure you either appear in Court on the scheduled day or pay the ticket on or before your Court date. Failure to comply may result in other problems such as a suspension of your driver’s license.

Minor traffic offenses can be taken care of without going to Court. If you disagree with the charges, you have the right to appear in Court and/or have an attorney represent you. Undisputed charges can be taken care of online, by mail or in person at the Courthouse. Online requests to reduce or dismiss charges must be directed District Attorney’s office. The District Attorney will respond to your request by either upholding the original charge, reducing the charge or dismissing the charge altogether. The District Attorney will also inform you of any court costs or fines you must pay. All fines and Court costs must be paid on or before the scheduled Court date.

On your Court date, several things can happen. You may plead guilty, or you may attempt to negotiate a reduced charge with the District Attorney. If you disagree with the original charge or the reduced charge offered by the District Attorney, you may request a trial before a Judge. In this case, the Judge will uphold the original charge or dismiss the case. If the charge is upheld by the Judge, you may be responsible for Court costs or fines.

The outcome of your case may affect both your driving privileges and insurance premiums. All traffic convictions are reported to the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles or the Department of Motor Vehicles in your home state. Points may be assessed on your driving record. This can result in either a suspension or revocation of your driving privileges. Insurance premiums may increase due a traffic ticket.If you need assistance with a traffic ticket, please contact the Law Office of Stephen Robertson. Our experienced and our skilled attorneys can assist you through the process.