domestic violence

Domestic Violence and Abuse

In a moment, a peaceful or heated conversation between a current or former loved one can turn abusive and in other cases physically violent. Abuse by its definition covers a wide range of categories, including but not limited to forms of physical, emotional, verbal, psychological, sexual, economic, and cultural abuse. These types of abuse affect millions of people not just in the United States, but all over the world yearly. When these abuses happen between intimate partners who are dating, married, living together, separated, and who are a part of a family unit, it is known as Domestic Abuse, Domestic Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, and Relationship Abuse.

Violence, harassment, and abuse are never the fault of the one being abused and attacked. No one should have to suffer from any form of abuse, and it can be particularly painful and heartbreaking when abuse is caused by someone close to us or a romantic partner. Once abuses start trust is broken and so often people are unsure of what steps to take to seek individual help or even how to begin to address the abuses or violence that they and/or their family are enduring.

As outlined from the National Domestic Violence Hotline, it is important to identify abuse and plan for safety. When identifying abuse, knowing the different factors involved will help to assist in how to create a plan to seek help and resolution. Understanding relationship abuse, power and control, warning signs of abuse, abuse and cultural context, and why people abuse are all topics covered by the National Domestic Violence Hotline. These are also subjects you can discuss with family law and divorce lawyers, as well as domestic lawyers. It is vital to know that there is help available, one does not have to suffer in silence or alone.

In the state of North Carolina, to aid in the legal process, the North Carolina Judicial Branch has created the Domestic Violence Program. An experienced family law attorney, family law specialist, or family law office is equipped with the knowledge and domestic support resources to assist you on how to proceed forward with your options such as filing for a Complaint and Motion for Domestic Violence Protective Order, 50-B Protective Order, mediation or counseling, separation, divorce, child custody, and much more.

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